Anima Overdrive

ğAnima OverdriveĞ,
created by Stefan Panhans & Andrea Winkler
2023, 4K video, colour/sound, 4:18 min.

"Deliver, deliver, deliver, deliver, I'm your deliver delivery, I'm your delivery deliver delivery ... I deliver everything!"
raps the 'delivery-anti- heroine' in a battered quarterback outfit alone in a kind of basement storage room.
Her performance 'delivers' the sound of rebellious exhaustion in a world increasingly dominated by algorithms and AI
in the service of a turbo-accelerated platform capitalism, where everything, without exception, threatens to become a
commodity, and we all breathless suppliers.
The film plays with the form of the music video and the reference to the genre of 'underground rap', whose representatives
do not belong to the commercial mainstream canon, and in contrast to it often distinguish themselves through socially
conscious, partly also queer, or feminist forms and texts.

Written produced and directed by Stefan Panhans & Andrea Winkler
Performing: Lisa Marie Janke
Director of Photography: Lilli Thalgott
On Set Sound: Luke Huelsmann
Set Design, Costume, Make Up: Andrea Winkler & Stefan Panhans
Text: Stefan Panhans
Music: Gregor Heinze / Luke Huelsmann
Audiomix & Mastering:  Emanuel Uch
Editing: Lilli Thalgott
Colourgrading: Jonas Link

Funded by Berliner Senatsverwaltung